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Sept 3rd Day 3 – Sunrise, Route 66 and Vegas

The first thing we heard today was a sound we normally hear when getting up for work. My alarm. I grabbed my phone and looked at it with disbelief. 3.55 am. We are on holiday and getting up before 4am? We had to have left our hotel room by 5am to ensure we made it to the park by 5.15 to get the shuttle bus to Yaki Point which was the suggested place for the sunrise. Advertisements

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NaBloPoMo – Day 21…cont'd from Day12

On this particular night, I was on my usual stool when a (very) attractive young lady in a business suit plonked herself next me, and asked to see the cocktail menu. The look on the barmaids place was a picture. “I’m sorry, we don’t really do cocktails” she said, stifling a grin. “Do you think you could rustle up a white wine spritzer then?” She says with a sarcastic smirk “I think we can manage that” came the equally sarcastic reply. The business woman pulls out a phone, and appears to check a few emails, sighing as she goes. “Lack of cocktails just one of your problems then?” I say, and immediately regret it, but at the same time not being able to help myself. Her body remains still, hunched over her drink that has just been put in front her. Her body may remain still, but her head just turns to look at me, giving me a “very funny” grin then going back to her phone. Normally I would just shrug, thankful I’ve avoided a social encounter but the curiosity, and the short skirt she was wearing, got the better of me. “Ouch!” I say “You’re not in the mood to play well with others tonight then” “I may not be in the mood to play well, but I’m in the mood to play”…………TBC….

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NABLOPOMO Day 20 – After the Spa

So after our anniversary dinner last night, we woke, and I must admit, I did feel like I had the bottle of champagne AND the bottle of wine all to myself!! Nothing like a cooked breakfast to see to that….or so I thought. I did try, but that’s the trouble with nights away, you get the Bed and the breakfast, and then end up eating and drinking too much at Dinner, the breakfast is a bit hard to stomach!!

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