Weekly Photo Challenge Names 2

The A & B Lobster House in Neon.

We were walking through Key West on a recent trip there, and had just escaped a short sharp rain shower. The reflection here caught my eye, and I thought the reflection in the puddle looked good.

As a result, I have decided to use this for a quick second entry into this weeks Photo Challenge.

If you have never been to Key West, and get the chance, you should try and go. 

Key West is worth a visit

We visited in November 2016, and enjoyed it so much so we are going to want to return one day. Perhaps when our little boy is a little older than 2! So many bars, restaurants, places to explore. The sunset was spectacular as was the hotels and the things to see.

A & B Lobster House in Neon

We didn’t get to follow the sign, but who knows, next time we might!

A & B Lobster House in Neon

A & B Lobster House in Neon

Looking forward to this weeks Photo Challenge, which i will be posting soon, so please be sure to follow this blog for more.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by, and see you soon!!



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