USA 2016 – Florida and New York Day 14 – 1,254 feet and a 4 hour drive

10am. That was the time we were to be shot into orbit. Or at least 1,254 feet up One Word Observatory.

We made what turned out to be a second failed attempt to go to Ellen Stardust diner. This time, we arrived at 8am to find they had just seated a group of 40 and wouldn’t be seating anyone else until 9.30. Too late for our Observatory trip and for breakfast.

So, we picked another Times Square diner and had waffles there.

It was now 8.45 so a short walk took us to our hop on hop off bus. The guides on these busses are really good. They know a lot, tell the stories and tell them in an amusing way. We made it to the Observatory bang on time, and before you know it we were in the lift waiting to be shot into the sky.

The lift ride itself was pretty good. It gave the impression you were in a glass lift being shot skywards leaving the hustle and bustle of the city far below you.

Once at the top we were shown a video prelude of the tower, before the screens lifted to what was a breathtaking view of Manhattan.

Once up there, as you can imagine the views itself were pretty stunning.

New York stretched out as far as the eye could see. The beautiful blue skies meeting the skyscrapers that stretch in vain to reach it.

We spent about about 90 minutes up there, more than enough time to wander around and take a few photos (unfortunate all through the glass).

Once we were down we jumped back on the bus and took the rest of the entertaining tour up town back to Times Square.

After a quick walk around the Rockefeller centre where we bought 3 chocolates for almost $10!! it was lunch in a place called Rosie O’Grady’s.

We headed to the hotel to collect our bags that had been held in storage for $4 a bag. Well, should’ve been $4 but we complained about this, the fact it was $15 for wifi in the room and that they lost our reservation when we checked in.

As a result they gave us a ticket to store four bags. We stored 5 so they tried to get another $4 from us. The porter asked Suzanne for it as he put the bags in our car, and we fibbed a bit and told him we had paid the man storing the bags. By the time he found out we hadn’t we would be sitting in traffic 3 blocks away.

After spending the best part of £400 for 2 nights accommodation, we thought they could live with this.

Anyway, enough whinging. Ok, almost enough whinging.

Before, when I went to get the car, they informed me they didn’t have a child seat for Max, despite it being ordered. I had to hang around in the waiting for 30 minutes while they tracked one down. And when they did, it was put in a crappy little Jeep SUV thing. Worst car we have ever had!

However, we had piled the bags in and set off.

I took as an hour to get out of Manhattan. It turns out a lorry had tried and failed to make a right turn, so it had backed everyone up. When the lorry had finally moved, we sailed over the 59th street bridge and onto the Long Island Expressway.


75 miles. Shouldn’t take too long. 3 hours. Meaning a total of 4 hours in the car. We eventually reached our destination out on Long Island at 8pm after leaving Manhattan at 4pm!

It must have been the strain of the journey as we arrived parked on the wrong drive and knocked on the wrong door!! At least the neighbours know we are in town!

After a pleasant couple of hours catching up, it was bed time before waking up on Thanksgiving eve to get ready for the big day of celebrations.

Pictures mainly limited to the One World Observatory as the rest of the time we were on the tour bus or in the car!





















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