USA 2016 – Florida and New York Day 9 – Far South and Bahia Honda

Another day and another hotel checkout. We had two nights at the 24NorthHotel but it was time to move one. We had a couple of aims today.

To visit the Southernmost Point of the island, in the old town of Key West, and stop at the Bahia Honda State Park on the way up to Islamorada. (Pronounced Bay-ah Honda).

We took the car this time as we knew we had to head straight off so didn’t want to wast time with the shuttle bus. We weren’t sure about how much parking would be but got over an hour for just over $2 so all good.

It was obviously a popular place as there were a lot of people there to have their photo taken.

The good thing was it was all very orderly. A queue had formed to have a photo and although it looks like a long one, we were only in it for about 5 minutes.

When we reached the front I offered to take the photo for the couple in front, and they returned the favour.

One things that did amuse us was the last house before the photo op had a drive way with a sign saying do not block!

Impossible when you probably have constant queues their most of the time!

We then took a walk up the street to see the shops and art galleries. Everytime someone came the other way Max would stand to one side and let them pass. He’s been taught manners at least!!

I love the style of these old building. Now, many of them turned into shops, restaurants, cafes and art galleries but you can imagine a large family living here in the ‘old days’.

Suzanne wanted to pop into an art shop and have a look at a local photographers work. I was happy to oblige and he some great photos. We bought a 6 pack of photographs and while we were talking to the girl who served us, we lost sight of Max for about 3 seconds.

That was all it took and we turned around to find he had picked up and was trotting over to us with what was probably a very expensive piece of acrylic art. We both sprung into action and got it back on the shelf before we had to by something else.

You can hire these golf buggy type electric cars out to buzz around town in. I think had we been in town a bit longer we may have gone for this. Max (and Mummy and Daddy) would have loved it!

We popped down to the local beach for a quick look before jumping in the car and heading up the Keys to our next hotel. On the way we stopped off at Bahia State park for a few hours.

We decided to go for a walk along the beach. The walk turned into a paddle. The paddles turned into Max getting all his clothes wet which then turned into him eating sand and throwing it everywhere. Oh to be 2 again!!


We had a good few hours here, and after the walk along the beach we took a stroll up the old bridge that had a train track running under with the original overseas highway built above.

It was time to leave after this and head up to the hotel, the Amhara Cay resort. We took a quick drive around the park before we left. They have areas you can camp. Little slots right on the ocean. Would have been really cool to camp somewhere like this. Definitely to add to the list of things to do next time we visit!

We arrived at the hotel and were pleasantly surprised to find we had been upgraded to a suite, so we were more than happy!!

We are now heading up to Miami, for 2 nights there before jetting up to New York for 10 days. Stay tuned, hope you’ve enjoyed the Story, here are today’s snaps!!



























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