USA 2016 – Florida and New York Day 7 – The Keys

Cloudy. Not what we wanted for our drive down to Key West. I suppose it’s better to get the cloudy day out of the way while we are stuck in the car for 3 hours.

Before we left the Everglades area we decided to stop at a place called Robert Is Here. Essentially what started out as a fruit stall 56 years ago has morphed into something a little more.

Of course they still have the fruit, and this is their main focus, but they now do much more. They have other products, jams etc, they have animals out back, like a mini petting zoo. An area to sit and enjoy their luxurious milkshakes, and much more.

Robert Is Here may strike you as an odd name for a shop, but the story is that Robert’s dad sat him on the same corner 56 years ago to sell his home grown fruits. First day he sold none so they thought it must be because nobody saw him. So they erected a sign “Robert Is Here”.

The name stuck the stall evolved and you now have what is there now. A thriving business people travel to from far and wide and is recommended by local hotels as a place to see. So we did.


We bought star fruit, watermelon, mango, and another I forget the name of, served by Robert himself. And tried a luxurious milkshake of course!!

Afterwards, it was time to continue down south to our next hotel out on the end of The Keys, in Key West.

Two of us look happier about this than the third!!

Suzanne had done a bit of research and to break up the journey thought it would be a good idea to stop at a place called Robbies, to feed the Tarpons. Huge 6+ feet long fish who in seconds devoured the smaller fish we were feeding them.



I managed to get a few snaps of a brave man dangling fish and his fingers over the water for the Tarpons to snatch. Luckily for him they just snatched the fish!

Max enjoyed it, even if we did get a few smelly fingers and almost attacked by pelicans after the fish!

We then hopped back in the car for the last 70 miles or so certain Max would doze off. Of course he didn’t, so we braced ourselves for a tired boy for the rest of the day.

We checked into our nicest (and most expensive) hotel of the holiday so far, 24north. A massive ocean front suite with Queen bed and a sofa bed for Max.

Suzanne then suggested we take the shuttle bus into the old town for the evening. Turned into a great idea as we strolled the damp streets dodging the rain and having tea at a place called the Red Fish Blue Fish. We then walked around to the marina, seeing the boats and having one last drink in a bar who’s name escapes me.

We caught the 7.30 shuttle back to the hotel and had one last drink at the poolside bar. As is life, the guy I stood next to at the bar was the same guy who was risking his fingers at Robbies earlier in the day! Small world!

We then all fell into bed and were snoring away by 9.30 praying for better weather tomorrow!

Enjoy, and feel free to comment below!!





























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