USA 2016 – Florida and New York Day 5 – To the Everglades

Because we managed to find ourselves asleep by 9pm last night, we woke at 5am, trying desperately not to wake Max too who was tossing and turning on the other double bed.

Eventually he woke at 6am. The plus side was we were all showered and dressed by 7am, and checked out and in the car by 8am.

Today we hunted and found the typical non-chain American Diner we were looking for.

It was called the All American City Diner. And it was exactly what we were looking for. It looked family run, old American memorabilia hanging everywhere. Perfect!

We took our seats and immediately ordered our pancakes and French toast. Nothing for Max this morning as we decided he could share ours.

Very tasty, with a side of bacon and a couple of apple juices, it went down a treat.


All eaten while being watched over by Clarke Kent getting ready to save the world!

It was then off to the cycle hire shop pick up our bikes and do the ride around the Palm Beach Lake trail.

It was now about 9.30, and the bike shop didn’t open until 10, being a Sunday.

We killed a bit of time, and was waiting at the hire shop the minute the door opened. Parking was the only problem, and we had to leave the car 5 blocks away and walk back.

I got the pleasure of doing this, thankfully as it turned out, because on my return, Suzanne was walking out from behind the counter

“Honey, I’m so embarrassed” she said. I obviously enquired why.

Turns out while I was away Max did a poo. No biggy, kids do them all the time. What he did this time was though, pulled down his shorts and nappy, trying to fish the poo out in the shop and calling out “Poo, poo” just to let everyone know!

Glad it was me that dropped the car off!!

Anyway, Max cleaned up, Suzanne’s red face and my laughing subsiding, we jumped on the bikes and headed off for the Lake Trail.

Great trail, easy to ride, stunning views. I will let the photos say it all!





Photo above of Max having a well deserved drink at the north end of the trail before we headed back.

It was hot, very hot and Suzanne was feeling the heat.


Not as much as my bike though. As we turned around from the north end of the trail and headed back, the was a ping/snapping sound. All of a sudden my back wheel started wobbling and I could not ride. A spoke had snapped and the wheel buckled.

I tried to carry on but to no avail. However the wobbling helped someone. Max had fallen asleep in his cycle seat on the back! The only thing we could do was leave Suzanne with my bike while I blasted through the streets on a manly lime green ladies bike back to the shop.

One of the guys then had to drive back, pick up the bike and drop us all back to our car. Through all this Max stayed asleep and indeed didn’t wake up again until 2.5 hours later as we were heading through Miami. Not on the bikes I hasten to add.

We then checked into our glamourous Travelodge, and headed out to Applebee’s for a dinner.

Max asleep in his cot, and we are sitting out front of our room at 10pm in t-shirts supping beer and wine.

A day of poo’y nappies, sleepy boys and busted bikes.

We wouldn’t have it any other way!

See you tomorrow……









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