USA 2016 – Florida and New York Day 4 – West Palm Beach

We are certainly getting over the Jetlag. All up and about at around 7am.

We had this nice little villa with kitchen fully equipped with cooker, fridge, microwave etc. Unfortunately we had nothing to cook so it was off to the local Friendlys for waffles!!

Not before we checked out a gleaming white pick up truck with wheels bigger than Max! Turns out it wasn’t gleaming enough as the guy that owned it was cleaning a million flies from it!

He was heading down to a show in Palm City, we wished him well and headed off to a play park they had near reception. It was far too wet it was giant chess pool side instead!!

It was then Friendlys for breakfast, and we all had something really unhealthy! We have promised to check out an independent diner, and not a chain. Maybe tomorrow.

We had plenty of messing around today, what with packing the car, sorting Max and frustratingly spent 30 minutes driving around looking for swim nappies! Walgreens had them. Walmart didn’t!

During this nappy hunt, he dosed off so we headed to the beaches for a relaxing sit in the car overlooking the sand.

That’s it for today, tomorrow will be much more exciting. Bike ride!!!













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