USA 2016 – Florida and New York Day 3 – A1A and Jetlag

4.15am. That’s when I woke up, and that’s when Max woke up. It was going to be a long day.

The room was a mess as it always is on the first day. Rummaging around for the thing you wouldn’t need so you put it at the bottom of the case, and then you need it on the first day!

The hotel provided breakfast from 6am and even at that time it was quite busy. The Jetlag Breakfast Club possibly.

Max had cereal, yogurt and a danish. Didn’t finish any of them of course!!

We then managed to get everything in car and be on the road by 8.30, heading to Cocoa Beach.

8.45 Max was snoozing in the back. We made it to Cocoa Beach at about 10am I think, taking the scenic route.

We headed for the pier and it was a little disappointing. Not as hustle and bustle as we expected and quite small.

We had every intention of hiring bike, one each for Suzanne and I with a seat or trailer for Max. The only one by the pier didn’t do kid seats! How many sales did they lose I wonder. The reason, “I can imagine there would be loads of liability issues”. Jeees!!

Anyway, after lunch at Pelicans Bar and Grill it was off down the A1A to the next stop.

Just south of Vero Beach we checked into the Sheraton PGA Vacation resort. Lovely 1 bed villa with kitchenette, separate room and lounge area, but nothing else at the resort. No restaurants or bar.

Ideal for those spending a a few days or a week playing golf, after a self catering accommodation. For family passing through, not as ideal.

As a result we headed off to Chilli’s, a Mexican chain we have visited before, on a previous trip.

Max was generally a good boy all day but by the end of dinner he was very tired and the slightest confusion set him off so it was straight home to bed!

His body clock is slowly getting back to normal, as is Suzanne’s and mine. Saturday, it’s down to Palm Beach for the next leg.




































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