Seagulls & Cruise Ships Leaving Southampton

Sometimes, when we have an hour to kill in the afternoon, we pop down and watch the cruise ships leaving Southampton. We are lucky that we live close to the sea. The Solent on one side, the New Forest on the other, and Lepe Beach a 10 or so minute drive.

Most of the time, Max, our little boy, enjoys watching them go. On this occasion, he wanted to stay in the car. Much more exciting for him he decided.

We didn’t, however, and sat on the benches in Hythe. Today, we saw 3 of them leave, while keeping on eye on the car!

Today’s cruise ships leaving Southampton

On this particular day, we saw three leave. Queen Elizabeth, The Ventura and Celebrity Eclipse.

Cruise Ships Leaving SouthamptonIn between, I took a few snaps of the Seagulls, that were hovering about. I imagine they were hoping for a few tidbits to be thrown their way. From what I could see though, none were forthcoming from us, or anyone else.

We didn’t really come to see the cargo ships leave. But, not wanting it to feel left out I took a snap of this too.

The three cruise ships leaving Southampton went out about 20 minutes apart. The Queen Mary leaving last, and actually having to turn around before heading out to sea.

Of course, we had to give the cruisers the obligatory waves, but didn’t seem to get too many waves back. Miserable lot!!

All this time, Max stayed in the car, so he missed them on this occasion, but I am sure he will have other opportunities to see them. Who knows, we may even take him on one of these monster ships one day!

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p.s. if you are interested in cruise ships leaving Southampton, then this link will tell you all you need to know!!
cruise-ships-leaving-southampton-1001 Cruise Ships Leaving Southampton cruise-ships-leaving-southampton-1003 cruise-ships-leaving-southampton-1004 Cruise Ships Leaving Southampton Cruise Ships Leaving Southampton cruise-ships-leaving-southampton-1007 cruise-ships-leaving-southampton-1008 cruise-ships-leaving-southampton-1009 Cruise Ships Leaving Southampton cruise-ships-leaving-southampton-1011 Cruise Ships Leaving Southampton Cruise Ships Leaving Southampton cruise-ships-leaving-southampton-1014 Cruise Ships Leaving Southampton Cruise Ships Leaving Southampton Cruise Ships Leaving Southampton Cruise Ships Leaving Southampton





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