A1A Orlando To Miami Road Trip

Welcome to the first blog post about our A1A Orlando To Miami Road Trip followed by 10 days in New York, including a 2 night stay in Manhattan and a week or so celebrating Thanksgiving on Long Island.

We went back and forth deciding exactly what to do for this trip. Did we go to another city before New York, head over to California. Maybe a short cruise?

In the end, our love of Road Tripping got the better of us, so we chose the A1A Orlando To Miami Road Trip, before flying up to New York. Two reasons we chose this.

Firstly, the flight to Florida a bit less than the flight to Cali, not only from London, but then back to NY. Secondly, we wanted somewhere warmer than we would be experiencing in the UK.

This is going to be the route we take, generally speaking. We will probably hug the coast a lot more than this map shows, as we want to enjoy the views from the A1A.

As I type this we are still a little unsure about what we are going to see. A few things are certain:

  1. Time at the beach. Average temperatures where we are in the UK in November, hover around 10°. In Miami it is about 23°. That will do, although we will have to brace ourselves for the New York stint when it goes back down to 10° again!
  2. The Everglades. We are going to take a day trip out to the Everglades. Maybe an Airboat tour. It will be good to see some wildlife, although we will have to keep a super close eye on Max!
  3. Miami. We want to experience the atmosphere, the beaches, and the shops. While the party lifestyle it is known for may not be indulged in, we still like to have a decent meal, in a nice
    A1A Orlando To Miami Road Trip

    Let the planning begin!

    restaurant. And then there’s the beaches.

  4. The Keys. Talking of beaches, we could trip to the south of Florida and not visit The Keys. We have a total of 3 or 4 days here, splitting time between travelling down, and spending to nights in Key West. This is part of the trip I am really looking forward to. 

A1A Orlando To Miami Road Trip Planning

So there we have it. We have the books, we have plane tickets, and we have the car hired. We also have Max, our 2 year old, so we also have the hotels booked. We are just not confident at his age to wing it from town to town looking for accommodation along the way.

4 weeks today we will be on our way!

Follow the blog to hear about the rest of the planning. I will also be blogging daily while we are over there, so lots to see and read!!



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