NABLOPOMO Day 20 – After the Spa

So after our anniversary dinner last night, we woke, and I must admit, I did feel like I had the bottle of champagne AND the bottle of wine all to myself!! Nothing like a cooked breakfast to see to that….or so I thought. I did try, but that’s the trouble with nights away, you get the Bed and the breakfast, and then end up eating and drinking too much at Dinner, the breakfast is a bit hard to stomach!!

Anyway, after checking out, we could make use of the facilities today as well, so we had a mini re-run of yesterday. Hydropool, swimming, Sauna, Ice Igloo… was ice to again be in the toasty warm water, with the cold weather nipping at our ears. This time though, no blue skies, and it also rained, so it was a nice feeling to be “tucked up” in the warm water!

When we were suitable wrinkly!!! we left the hotel, and tried to get back into the realisation that we had to start thinking about cooking our own dinner tonight, and what we should have….sigh….roll on the next mini break!! When we got home, we discovered the plant in our kitchen that had been threatening to flower for a few weeks, started to show signs!! Nice to have a bit of floral colour being added to the house at this time of year..

The Hotel, on the 20th, grey skies not like the 19th

The Hotel, on the 20th, grey skies not like the 19th


Suzanne leaving the hotel

Suzanne leaving the hotel


Our pending kitchen flowers

Our pending kitchen flowers





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