NaBloPoMo – Day 12

An snippet from something…….

I was sitting in my local bar. The barmaid had just poured me another whiskey, and I resumed my people watching.

The bar is a great place for this. It’s a dark, under lit place, which is great for those wanting a bit of anonymity. The door to the bar sits on the front left, just as you walk in. As with many places in the city, it’s a long thin establishment with full windows at the front, to try and light as much of the back as possible. It fails miserably.

Down the right hand side is a long bar, the dark wood adding to the gloominess of the place. There are a plethora of bottles hanging behind it. I’ve never seen too many of these being used. The whiskey and the beer on tap are the only things I am really interested in.

There are a few tables at the front right of the place, with the majority of the seating taken up with booths, including several nearer the back of the bar. The place doesn’t really scream “socialising”, with most of the clientele huddling into the booths keeping themselves to themselves.

On this particular night, I was on my usual stool when………


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