Panorama's – Searching the Archives – NABLOPOMO Day 6

With the digital age, how may people take loads of snaps while of holiday, then stick them on the computer, never to be seen again? Unlike film cameras, when you used to have the excitement of taking the roll to be developed, getting that little paper wallet back with 24 photos in, finding your thumb in front of 23 of them….ok, maybe not that bad, but you know what I mean..(maybe you don’t, maybe some reading this don’t even remember these little paper wallets with the photos and negatives and all!)

Anyway, I realised this happens to me. I snap away, and they stay on the mac forever. When I am on holiday, I alway take a string of photos with the great intention of stitching them together to make a panorama. I never do, so I’ve dug this out from our recent hols, and stitched them together, made of 4 normal pictures taken by hand.

Quite pleased with it!!

Badwater Basin Panarama


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