USA Road Trip 2013…Our Flight to Phoenix

So our holiday started on the 1st September 2013. Although it was only barely the 1st September 2013, as the alarms went off before 4am London time (I know in the previous post I wasn’t going to blog about our flight……I changed my mind) 🙂

Flight from UK to Phoenix-1000Wow. Up at 4.00 after going to bed at 12.45, as the previous day I had shot a wedding, and didn’t get home until 11, then had to back up my images…just incase!! So, just 3 hours sleep.

Our friend Rob came to pick us up at 5.15 to take us to the airport for our flight. Can’t believe we had to pay to sit together!! (On the flight, not in Rob’s car!!). Reason being, when we went to check in online on the 31st, most of the seat had been pre booked, meaning if we wanted to sit together, we had to upgrade to Premium Economy.

At the airport, we went through security, and I had to be patted down. Suzanne then had to get her bag and electricals swabbed. We were both clean. Then, just as we thought we were through….”excuse me sir, can I have a moment of your time?”

I was body scanned. Another all clear, and off we went. It was at this point I realised I didn’t have a charger for my camera with me. No luck purchasing one at the airport either, so I wasn’t sure how many photos I would get to take, already panicking that there may not be too many photos taken on this trip!!

Flight from UK to Phoenix-1001

Plenty of leg room in Premium Economy

First flight went ok, lots of leg room and not many people in Premium Economy, so quite a comfortable flight. Perhaps not being able to check in together was an (expensive) blessing in disguise!!Flight from UK to Phoenix-1002

We had a few hours to kill in Chicago (2 of which were taken up queuing behind a flight of students from Asia) so we had what we thought was a snack. Forgot US portion sizes are huge so 2 starters did us fine. We now know the Sliders are like mini burgers and we have remembered that Chips are Crisps!!

Second flight into Phoenix went ok, sat next to a nice guy from Ontario (not the Canada one) who loved to talk!!

Landed at Phoenix, stepped out into the oven like heat for the shuttle bus ride to the rental car centre. Picked up our Nissan Qashqai (known over here as a Nissan Rogue) and who will now be known as Norman.

Headed off to our first hotel in the 104 degree heat. Checked into our room, a nice size with a bed each :)

After a quick look round a huge Walmart to get some juice, a quick drink and snack in the airport bar, and as it was now 24 hours since we woke up, we thought it was time for bed!!

Flight from UK to Phoenix-1005

Suzanne with the arduous task of packing!

Flight from UK to Phoenix-1000

Flight from UK to Phoenix-1003

The little map on the back of the passengers head (rest) in front of me. Don’t worry the plane does turn around and head West!

Flight from UK to Phoenix-1004

Blue skies from the window

Flight from UK to Phoenix-1002

Enjoying premium economy

Flight from UK to Phoenix-1001

…with lots of leg room


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