USA 2013 – Sept 14th Day 14 – Posh Shops and Posher Cars

Miles travelled today = 72 Miles so far this trip = 2,217

Today it was off to the really posh parts of LA. Beverley Hills and mainly Rodeo Drive. First though, it was Hollywood Boulevard, spotting all the stars on the streets. Unfortunately, the only stars on the street were, well the actual stars on the street floor.

It turns out it was the 4th anniversary of Patrick Swayze's passing, and a florist had left flowers on his star.

We walked up and down the Blvd, we were only on the street for an hour or so, and we were asked upwards of 12 times if we wanted to go on a star seeing tour!!

There were dressed up “stars” littering the street, people dressing up as Michael Jackson, Marilyn, Incredible Hulk, Spiderman to name but a few. The aim was to pose with people like us for tips. We declined and continued on our way.

After this, we headed off to Rodeo Drive to look for some bargains. Turns out there aren't many sales on Rodeo Drive. What we did see was a range of cars to ogle. Porsche, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bugatti, the odd limo, a Nissan (ok the Nissan was ours).

After a jaunt around the shops, it was back in the car to spend a last afternoon and evening at Santa Monica beach and pier. We had decided to spend our last night watching the sunset from the end of the pier.

Sounds romantic huh! Well we were outdone. While we were there 4 people come along an unfurled what must have been a 30 foot banner reading “Tasmeen, will you marry me” 20 mins later a helicopter circled, containing Tasmeen. She said yes, by the way.

After the sun had dipped below the horizon, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our last night 😦

Hollywood Blvd


Suzanne and Patrick


Being welcomed by a Beverley Hills tram


Rodeo Drive


Suzanne deciding what to buy...










Suzanne sitting where Forest Gump sat


Bird at Sunset






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