USA 2013 – Sept 11th Day 11 – More PCH, plus Santa Barbara and Malibu

Miles travelled today = 262 Miles so far this trip = 2,005

Ok. So after yesterday we were looking forward to bright blue skies, glorious coast line, stunning scenery. And had we looked at yesterday's photos we would have had exactly that. Instead, we chose to look out the window to a gloomy start.

Never mind, the first couple of hours, being at the bay of Morro, we decided to look at everything in black and white, as shown by the first few pictures.

Swept parking lines

After a quick look around Morro Bay, we headed south towards Malibu, which is near where we were spending our final night in a motel before living it up in the Hilton at Santa Monica. For some strange reason, and one we still cannot work out, we detoured to a town called Guadalupe to see their sand dunes where bits of Pirates of the Caribbean and The 10 Commandments were filmed. Wen we got there, we were greeted by the amazing sights of…….well..sand.

There were about 5 other cars in the car park, all belonging to surfers that were in the gloomy sea. I don't think Judith Chalmers will be advertising this on Wish You Were Here….I did find it amusing / commendable that they swept the blown sand of the parking lines so the five cars could park ok.

After spending all of 3 minutes there, we headed back for the PCH, for what turned out to be sunnier skies. As we travelled further south, the weather got better and better, and before long we were enjoying the sunny skies of yesterday.

At about 1.30, we arrived at Santa Barbara. A lovely town, with Caribbean style trees, almost white sands, blues skies. One of our favourite places in California so far. There was a remembrance to 9/11 on the beach, with hundreds of flags stuck in the sand.

9/11 - Never Forget

We strolled along the pier, before taking note of Suzanne's lonely planet book, and grabbing lunch at a place called Silvergreens. Good choice. Her books rarely let us down.

Then, on the advice of the visitor centre, we took a quick (free) look around the Old Courthouse, and after Suzanne nearly broke a chair in the old courtroom, we headed up to the tower which had great views over Santa Monica.

It was then off back down California 1, the PCH to Malibu. While driving we saw another remembrance to 9/11, with hundreds of flags stuck in the lawns in front of a Uni.

After driving through Malibu Creek State Park, we found our motel and after a quick check in, it was off to the LazyDog for tea.

Back to the motel for what I am sure will be a busy last 4 days in LA!!!





A rock


At the sand dunes


On the gloomy road


On the PCH


Santa Barbara beach


9/11 Remembrance



Santa Barbara beach



In the Courthouse


Up the Courthouse Tower


The Courtroom


On the PCH


Looking the other way


Flags in the ground




  1. If you thought SF was expensive then it is a good job you didn’t stop at Santa Barbara! Even a basic motel room was extortionate! But a very pretty place and good food at the marina.

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