USA 2013 – Sept 9th Day 9 – Foggy Gate Bridge & PCH

Miles travelled today =152 Miles so far this trip = 1602

We had to check out of our SF hotel today but not until midday, so we went out for an early ish morning stroll around the local blocks with the main aim to try and get rid of $200 as quickly as possible on a new pair of Ugg boots for Suzanne.

One thing we did see which amused us, was. Chinese tourist, outside the Sir Francis Drake hotel, in San Francisco, having a photo taken with a Beefeater.

We succeeded with relative ease. After a quick coffee shop stop where we got a free coffee as they forgot to charge us, we went back to the hotel, grabbed our ever increasing luggage and went off to track down Norman. Luckily we found him with ease in the spot in the parking lot where we left him.

Our first stop was Lombard Street, which is a popular photo stop for tourists (or damn nuisance tourists) which is what I would call them if I lived there, although I guess you know what you are letting yourself in for when you move there!!!

After the obligatory photos, we jumped back into the car and headed for the Golden Gate Bridge, praying it would be clear, but knowing deep down it wouldn't be, as we could see the fog from the top of Lombard St.

Golden Gate Bridge in sunshine (on the side of a motorhome)

On arrival, we parked up, and accepted the fact we would not see the bridge. I guess this is the true San Francisco, and we have heard it referred to as the Foggy Harbour. On the drive out of the city, we did get a fabulous view of it though, bathed in glorious sunshine. Perfect. Only trouble was it was painted on the side of a motorhome.

It was at this point that the reality started to hit. Surely it wouldn't be like this all the way down the Pacific Coast Highway?

10 miles….20 miles…still clouded in fog. Then….wait for it…..more fog. We were so looking forward to this part of the holiday, and for all the wonderful views we should be enjoying. We are hoping and praying that it improves over the next few days between now and arrival in LA.

Victorian Corner Restaurant

We got to Monterey for our next overnight stop, checked into our Comfort Inn, basic but adequate. It is no Hilton, but at a quarter of the price, you wouldn't expect it to be.

Dinner was a short drive to Pacific Grove to a restaurant called Victorian Corner. Decent prices, a good selection and good food. Pacific Grove, in the dark at least, look a lovely little town, and (for those of you old enough to remember) reminded me of Cabot Cove, from the Murder She Wrote series. I expected Jessica Fletcher to jump out at any moment!!

It was then back to the motel, to hope and pray for clearer weather tomorrow!


View from Lombard Street


Golden Gate Bridge from the viewing point


Us at the GGB


Spot the SuccesFactors cloud writing


Another view from the other side of the GGB





During the drive down PCH to Monterey


The gloomy coast 😦


A little bit of sunshine on the PCH




    • Hi Auntie Georgina, was thinking of you and Uncle Cesario today as Rich and I drove along 17 mile beach and the coastal road wandering if you two stopped in the same places as us xx

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