USA 2013 – Sept 2nd Day 2 – Top of the AZ Rocks

Miles travelled today =

Miles so far this trip =

We woke early, and we packed, out of the hotel by 7am. We headed of for our first major sightseeing destination, the Grand Canyon, however, we had decided that we couldn’t really bypass Sedona without taking a bit of a whistle stop tour around the town, and we are glad we did.

Sedona & Grand Canyon - USA Road Trip

Entering Sedona

There were some great views all around us, the red rock and blue skies look stunning (it is called the Red Rock Valley).

We saw Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and The Chapel of the Holy Cross.

We hadn’t had anything to eat yet, so we had a late breakfast at a little place called HP Diner.

Typical American diner, with nice portions and friendly people.

We then decided to hit the road again, heading north towards Grand Canyon. We were going to drive on a twisty road called Schnebly Hill road, but when we got there, it seemed nothing more that a dirt track, so as we needed to make good time, we decided against it.

It took us about 2.5 hours to get to our hotel, just 2 miles outside the park entrance. We made a slight detour on the way, due to erroneous sat nav programming!!

Sedona & Grand Canyon - USA Road Trip

One of the views from Mather Point

Paid our $25 to get into the park, and set about enjoying all the wonderful views. And they were wonderful views I (Richard) had been before but when I was about 7 I think, so probably didn’t appreciate it too much then.

We looked at the usual places in and around the visitors centre then jumped on a shuttle bus to go to Mohave Point to see the sunset

We arrived an hour early to get a good set up position and gradually over the next hour, the numbers arrived and by the time the sun set, officially at 6.56, there was quite a crowd!!

The sunset was not too spectacular, but still gave us wonderful views.

After the sun set, we managed to squeeze onto the second shuttle bus, which took us back to our car, for the short drive back to the Motel.

We had dinner at the Big E Steakhouse, where they had a stage and various mini shows going on while we were eating. We were in bed by 10pm, as we were getting up at 4am the next day to head back to Grand Canyon to see the sunrise!! Enjoy the photos….

Sedona & Grand Canyon - USA Road Trip

Us in the back on a tanker!!

Bell Rock, Sedona

Sedona & Grand Canyon - USA Road Trip

Great views while driving

Cathedral Rock, Sedona

Chapel Of the Holy Cross, Sedona

Us at Mather Point, (I think)

A crazy woman

Sunset at Mohave Point

Show at The Big E Steakhouse





    • Thanks Jude. Sedona is a bit of a hidden gem! Deserved more time than we could give it. Next time!! Definitely going to check out your blog. I love reading about a good road trip!!

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