Wareham – Aug 2013 – Day 1

We have headed down to Wareham for a few days with our bikes to explore some of the area.

The first day, we woke up, to cloudy skies. A bit of breakfast and by the time we got the bikes ready, it was tipping it down with rain. A short walk with them to get something from the car and we were already soaked through, so we thought “what the hell, we are wet already”!!

We found our way to the Sika Trail in Wareham Forest looking for the numbered posts that would see us around the Trail. 41 of them in total covering 7 mile (11km in new money)

Luckily the weather got better as we went round and slowly we started to dry out…or at least be less soggy!!

The trail was a mixture of gravel and stones, and in some places sand, uphills and downhills,giving us all sorts of challenges.

After we proudly completed the whole 7 miles, we headed back into Wareham town centre where we stopped at the Quay Inn for drinks and lunch, and to try off even further.

By now, the sun was shining so we dropped the bikes off, changed, and headed out for a walk, taking in the local St Martins Church. After bumping into Suzanne's dad, who offered to take us up the river on a motor boat, we enjoyed half an hour on the water, for a bit of peace and quiet and enjoying seeing the sights without exerting too much energy compared to the mornings activities.

A few pictures of our day….


At 10am - already soaked


Half way round the Sika Trail

Having fun...honest

Same place as the 10am picture, just better weather and no bike

Inside St Martins Church

Where we hired the boat from

Looking back to the bridge

Enjoying the river

Blue skies!!!

The Old Granary from the boat

The Old Granary from the river bank



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