New York Photos – Our Trips

OK…so a few New York Photos from our two semi recent trips there, in 2008 and 2011. New York…love that city. It was a tough decision this year to blow out the East Side of the US for the West, but we did.

We are lucky enough to have friends living on Long Island, so when we go, we have a place to stay. A short Long Island Express ride into Penn Station, and we are there. I have been many times to New York, but in 2008, when my wife came with me for the first time, I wish I had taken a photo of her as we exited the Station. The look on her face as we came above ground was a picture (or not in this case 🙂 )

We're not in Kansa anymore!

We’re not in Kansa anymore Toto!

This snapshot in the dark in Times Square (I think) give you an idea of the even more surprised look I missed when exiting Penn. There are obviously so many things to see in Manhattan, and of course we did all the usual things, Central Park, Times Square, Rockefeller Centre, Empire state…blah de blah!!!

One of the first things we did, is look at ways of seeing the highlights of the city, while deciding what and where we would spend our time. One of the obvious things to do, would be to take one of the hop on, hop off bus tours that go around the city. We thought about this, but instead decided to take a trip on the Circle Line, which is a sightseeing tour on a boat, that navigates the whole island, see here for more info.

It gave us great views of all the famous landmarks, including South Street Seaport, Brooklyn Bridge, Yankee Stadium, Statue of Liberty, George Washington Bridge, to name a few. We took this cruise during our 2008 visit, and here are a few pictures from the boat

New York Photos

As I am writing this post 5 years late!, I can’t remember which Bridge this is. Answers on a postcard to….

New York Photos

Concord. The view from the river

New York Photos

Yankee Stadium….obviously!

Under the Bridge


Brooklyn Bridge…I think!?

Ellis Island…we did go there at some point

I do recall the guide on the boat being very funny, telling us all about the sight as we went round, with a bit of humour thrown in for good measure!!

Over the course of our stay there, we saw and did loads, all the usual stuff. I remember one day when the rain came, all of sudden, there were men selling umbrellas…everywhere. They just popped up, almost like a sponge that reacts when it gets wet. A bit of moisture and bang, Umbrella men everywhere!!

Anyway, can’t wait to go back there, but in the meantime, here are a few more

New York Photos



New York Photos

The view from the top of either Empire State or Rockefeller

New York Photos

Definitely from Rockefeller

Veteran Days Parade

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