EOS 7D Timelapse – My First

An EOS 7D Timelapse – not the best camera to use, particularly bearing in mind my intentions going forward, but you have to work with the tools you have!

Why is the 7D not the best camera (for me) to use going forward? Well. I want to have something that is extremely portable, that I can attach to a GorillaPod, or to the car dash. I also want everything to be built in, so there are no wires or external bit and pieces to worry about. Sticking a 7D on a dashboard, with a trail of wires heading for the Intervelometer is not ideal.

EOS 7D Timelapse

The Intervelometer

OK, so one of the things I want to do on our USA Road Trip in September, is a few timelapse videos of the following:

  • Grand Canyon Sunrise and / or Sunset
  • Vega from the Hotel Window
  • Beach Timelapse from LA
  • Driving Timelpase of our route

As a result, I am practising. This was done with the EOS 7D using that cheap £10 Intervelometer. For some reason, Canon don’t seem to put this function built into the camera so an extra accessory was needed (effectively free for me, as I did a quick phone survey for my mobile / cell phone company, and for my time they sent me an Amazon gift voucher!!)

The EOS 7D was mounted on a Tripod, and just pointed out of my spare bedroom window, so this was shot through double glazing!! I set it on AV (aperture priority mode), fixed the ISA at 200 to keep everything nice and clean, and let the shutter take care of itself. I timed each shot to go at about 30 seconds.

Summary of my EOS 7D Timelapse

There are so many things wrong with this, I am not sure where to start

  1. The Sky looks awful, particularly the night time shots
  2. The White Balance seems all wrong when the street lights are on
  3. The exposure is bad when the sun starts coming up
  4. It seems a bit jumpy. Should have took more frequent shots, and added more into the finished result

However, taking all that into account, considering this was done with no research on settings etc, it gives me a good base to start on, but as an EOS 7D Timelapse example goes, it is not the best!

For future projects, I am seriously considering getting myself a GoPro camera. They look so versatile, small, and perfect for what I am looking for. Unfortunately for me, I am the sort of person that will have to get the Black Edition. £160 more than the White Edition, and £80 more than the Silver.But I think to myself, will I regret getting the lesser one later in life!!! Watch this space.

Thanks for reading, appreciate any feedback



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