Day Out in Windsor

The title of this post is not entirely accurate. A Day out in Windsor?

It was Windsor, and we did go there, just not for a day. More like an hour. But still….we went there.

My job dictates when I work, being manic busy in June, and early July, then less so in August and Sept. It means that sometimes we get a chance to head out for a day, when the rest of the 9-5 world are working.

The day was beautifully sunny, clear blue skies only meant one thing, the sunglasses on, the convertible out the garage, and the roof down. Perfect!!

We headed out on the country roads, soaking up the sun, feeling certain our faces were going to be redder by the time we got home. (note to self, must by hat before USA road trip) We were lucky enough to find a spot right by the river, paid the £1 for parking, which considering today’s prices, especially at tourist places, was a bargain!!

A lovely stroll along the river, an ice cream, a sit down in the shadow of a Hawker Hurricane, and it was back to the car, for the sunny drive home.

Day out in Windsor

Day out in Windsor


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