Stratford 2013 – Day 3 – 7th June

Wow. 7th June. A significant date. Particularly this year as 7th June 2013 is not only my birthday, but my 40th. More on that in another post. Last night we enjoyed a lovely meal at Chequers, just down the road from our hotel. Foolishly forgot to take a picture, but will get one today

In the beer garden

Champagne ‘hour’ from 5 to 8, so Suzanne enjoyed a glass, but then moved onto Pimms and Ginger ale.

We spent 30 mins or so sitting in the garden, enjoying the last of the evening sun.

Eventually, the sun crept down, and as we were then left in shadows, the chill started so we headed indoors.

It was almost time for dinner anyway, but not before we had the chance for one more drink, and a sit in a comfy seat in the corner, enjoying the last of the sun.

Suzanne enjoying her Pimms

It was in the gents….I think

Dinner was very good. Pork pie (not just a pork pie but a proper pie, with pork, apple etc inside) and Pork Belly was enjoyed, with a nice bottle of wine. Coffee and liquors to finish with. Quick trip to the loo before we left gave us an insight into the decorating minds of the landlord. A nice glittery toilet seat….in the gents!!!

After the short walk home (well to the hotel)we headed off to bed to prepare for our last day in Stratford.

The next morning started with a nice breakfast again (no picture today) before a trip back into Stratford for an hour or so on the River. We rented a rowing boat. Much more difficult than it looks!! It took us 2 attempts to get under the first bridge!!

Once this was navigated, we zig zagged up and down the river, managing to avoid other boats, but getting a little to close to the bank on a couple of occasions forcing us to duck under overhanging trees!!

After our mini cruise, we had a bite to eat, then headed home. Back to normality.


I’ve still got it!!

Last nights dinner

Taking 5


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