Stratford 2013 Day 1 – 5th June

This blog is a bit of a test for our 2 week USA road trip we are taking in Sept.

Day one of our short trip to Stratford for a couple of days break before I hit the 4-0… The day started with glorious weather (considering the last months weather anyway). Car was packed and we were ready to go

Car packed, ready to go

We programmed the sat Nav to firstly take us to Bourton-on-the-Water, but as our last trip, to avoid the motorways.

The drives are so much nicer seeing the countryside, if you have the time, rather than bombing up (or down) the motorways

We left at about 11:30, sat nav giving us an arrival time of 13:45 ish.

Headed off, music on sunglasses on and air conditioning on!! Bypassed the M40 motorway and headed out on the A roads towards Amersham. Good drive, got stuck behind a tractor a few times, and hit Bourton-on-the-Water bang on schedule.

Found a spot by the river where we set up for our lunch that Suzanne had packed consisting of chicken roll, Doritos with Mexican dips, melon, blueberries and choccy biscuits!!

Suzanne near the river

With our picnic

We then headed off to our hotel, for check in then to the pool for a swim. I had rung up yesterday in advance to order a bottle of champagne for our room on arrival. Of course, they screwed it up. Charged us but no champers. Luckily Suzanne had packed one anyway!!

Room very basic, great view out the window though!!!

A few pics below, more tomorrow. Out for dinner tonight

Bourton on the water

Bourton on the water

Bourton duck!!

Bourton motor museum

Suz chillin’

Us at Bourton

Our basic room

…..and the great view


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