NZ2012 – 14th Jan – Glaciers…to visit or not to visit

***Reminder – This text was written back in 2012, at the time of the trip. Adding to Blog today!!***

14th Jan. Day 14.

KM’s today = 223
KM’s this trip = 2,173

This is not something anyone really would want to say, but it is with a heavy heart, and great sadness that I have to share with you……Suzanne’s nails have started to fall off.

Must be something in the water or the wine!!! Or it could be that her gel nails that looked so great on our wedding day have had their day.

On the road by 10am looking for a breakfast spot. Aiming for Greymouth.Found a little cafe, simple breakfast for Rich which was ok, Suzanne’s Eggs Benedict were not up to the scratch she’s come to expect. We really are being spoilt!! Back home, toast, shreddies, or whatever would be the sum total of our first meal of the day. Now, even a below par Eggs Benedict gets the sharp end of our criticism!! Surely undeserved, but hey, when are we again going to be able compare different versions of Eggs Benedict, a breakfast we only have when on hols!

Back on the road soon after, with a pre trip detour. That detour being Suzanne running back to the cafe to pick up Richard’s sunglasses. With blue skies ahead those glasses would surely be needed, and we made our way to Franz Josef.

10km from Franz Josef, the rain clouds gathered, then opened, and it bucketed down!!! Could have left the sunny’s in the cafe after all.

We must say, we love the roads over here, Rich in particular. The have very twisty roads, but don’t restrict the speeds, meaning you get lovely bends, a 100kph speed limit, and no restrictions!! Not like the UK when they make you slow down like you were Driving Miss Daisy!!!!

Arrived in Franz Josef, wanted to book an excursion via Helicopter to the Glaciers, but due to the low clouds, no choppers were flying.

Booked for 10.30 tomorrow, so pls all pray for good weather also that it gets warmer, as only 10 degrees this pm!!

Decided to head for the Hot Pools instead, to try and warm up, booked a private pool, see pictures… Funny being in hot water with rain coming down as the pools were outside. We had already checked in by this point. We have gone from the best hotel, to the smallest and possibly the worst. It’s clean and I know we are married now, but do we need the help in the bathroom!!!

Out for dinner, Pasta and Ribs, a quick drink, then back to the room, pray for sun, and bed….. Nighty night.


News Flash “Rain Clouds Gathering”. Sub headline “Errr..that’s not news”


Someone has a sense of humour!!


Not the biggest room


Nice seat in the Bathroom for the old married couple!


Ironing Board Surfing…we’ve all done it


Ready for the weather!


Our private hot pool….you can see the rain….


Keeping dry


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