NZ2012 – 11th Jan – The South Island at last!!

***Reminder – This text was written back in 2012, at the time of the trip. Adding to Blog today!!***

11th Jan. Day 11.

Woo Hoo!!! Finally made it to Nelson after a very long and frustrating day (see previous post). Actually departed from Wellington 15 minutes early and arrived into Picton on the South Island at 9.15pm.

Spent most of the 3 hour journey reading and taking a few snaps.

Disembarked and drove off the ferry just as dusk was coming to it’s end. Followed a chain of cars off the ferry, got to the first roundabout everyone went straight on. But us being different turned right and headed for the mountains. Wondered why and after the first 10 bends (8 of them being hair pins) it became clear. The mountain road had more twists and turns than a plate of spaghetti!!! Richard was having a whale of a time driving while I all of a sudden became just like my Mum hanging on for dear life!! Think I may need another manicure because I left most of my nails in the passenger seat.

A bit later on in the journey the bends got worse along with the rain and the fog! And I was still hanging on for dear life!

Arrived at our hotel and downed a large glass of white wine to ease my nerves (it didn’t even bother me that it was as warm as a cheap cup of tea!). The room is a decent size with two beds and unlike last night does not appear to have been designed with the Smurfs In mind!

Off to bed for an early start in the morning as off on a mini cruise followed by a 2 hour hike through the Abel Tasman National Park, fingers crossed please for NO rain!…. Nite Nite

We were one of many cars, waiting

We were one of many cars, waiting

Nice views at least

Nice views at least

Please don't break down!

Please don’t break down!

We're off

We’re off

Nice views on the way

Nice views on the way

Arriving at the South Island

Arriving at the South Island


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