NZ2012 – 11th Jan – 4 Grrr's and a Positive thought

***Reminder – This text was written back in 2012, at the time of the trip. Adding to Blog today!!***
Arrived in good time to board our ferry for a 10.25 departure. Told at check in it was to depart an hour late…. 1st grrrrrr. 😦

Boarded the ferry at 11ish, settled down with books for the 3hr crossing. 2 hours later, we were asked to leave as it had broken down and the crossing was cancelled…buts it’s ok, we did get a free cup of tea!!!! 2nd grrrrr 😦

Have rebooked on the 6.25pm crossing, which unfortunately means, with the 90 min drive the other side, we won’t reach our hotel until midnight!!! 3rd grrrr 😦

A day wasted not visiting the south island when we should have, spent waiting around not being able to do anything…… 4th grrrrr 😦

6.25pm crossing is to be made on the hopefully repaired boat we should have travelled on at 10.25…… Positive thoughts!!! 🙂

Will update tomorrow, with hopefully no more grrr’s but a wooho!!!!




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