NZ2012 – 7th Jan – Rain and Rotorua

***Reminder – This text was written back in 2012, at the time of the trip. Adding to Blog today!!***

7th Jan. Day 7

Left the Auckland hotel after brekkie at Denny’s, to go to Kelly Tarltons Underwater World. An indoor aquatics centre with fish, penguins, stingrays, lobsters and the like. Car parking was horrendous, had to drive in and out 3 times, eventually following someone back to their car after asking them if they were leaving!!!! Walked in to a massive queue. Luckily we had booked online before leaving the hotel, so we sailed passed everyone, straight in 🙂

Saw the penguins in their fake arctic world, stingrays swimming around, lobsters and sharks up close. A good couple of hours. Suzanne now want a pet penguin for Valentines day. Anyone know where you can buy these from!!!

Left the centre to awful weather, lashing down with rain. Stopped for petrol, then hit the road to Tauranga to meet up with friends not seen in almost 10 years. Teresa, Dave and family, if you’re reading this, great to see you, looks like you’re enjoying life in NZ, all the best for the future.

Left there at about 7.45, to head down to Roturua, still lashing down with rain, and no signs of it stopping. Boo!!

Hotel nice and smart, another upgrade to a big room with lots of space, quick change then taxi to town centre for a late dinner in the Pig & Whistle.

We have now had dinner in a Pig & Whistle pub in New Zealand and Manhattan.

Home by 11.30, final drink in the hotel bar to start planning Sunday’s day of activities, then off to bed…..

NZ2012 - 0182

One of the Penguins at Kelly Tarltons, just outside of Auckland


NZ2012 - 0187

And his friend!!


NZ2012 - 0188

Images not as sharp as they should be, as shooting through glass / plastic most of the time


NZ2012 - 0200

A big eyed fish!


NZ2012 - 0203

A curious crab…I guess we are the curious ones actually….


NZ2012 - 0208

Gloomy skies…


NZ2012 - 0209

Visiting friends



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