NZ2012 – 6th Jan – Back to Auckland

6th January. Day 6………

The intention was to be all checked out by 10am, then hit the road for the 3 hour drive back to Auckland. Need to be there by 2.30pm as we are booked on the Auckland bridge climb.

Checked out by 9, went to the local supermarket to buy a cool box, and some lunch, as we are stopping at a beach halfway back for an early lunch. We were on the road by 10am, after shopping.

Stopped at a place called Waipu ( sounds like the name of a diarrhea medicine!!) and had a great lunch, over looking a stunning beach.

Back on the road, with a comfortable 2 and a qtr hours to do 120km. At 1.15 we were 45 mins away, so no problem. Until the traffic jam because of some Rodeo that was going on….. After some careful driving, just nudging the speed limits on every road 😉 we made it to the bridge with 3 mins to spare.

We got into our ever so cool overalls and hard hats, along with a belt that links to the bridge, and off we went. Well worth the $120. Great views, unusual view on the city, and learnt a bit too, like the workman James, who fell into one of the supports, not heard from again, so they filled it up with cement. Not sure they’d do the same if it happened today!!!

Checked in again at the Auckland City Hotel, another upgrade, although room slightly smaller. A quick freshen up, then off to the Sky Tower for more high flying views and a nice meal.

Had a quick drink in a bar called Chivas in the Sky Tower. Beer for me, the mandatory cocktail for Suzanne. Then 45 mins before dinner, we went up to the top of the tower to enjoy the views. Dinner was great, lovely food, not cheap as you can imagine, but worth it.

Left the Tower at about 10.30, and headed down to the harbour again for some nighttime pictures and a drink in one of the bars. Aukland nightlife seemed good, it is a Friday after all. Life is certainly good for someone, as we stood on the boardwalk, watching someone enjoy a meal on the €50m yacht.

Suzanne has asked if I can do more jobs this summer so we can buy the yacht from him. Gulp. I’m going to be busy!!! Taxi back to hotel at 12.30 for sleeps ready for drive to Rotorua tomorrow. Night night x

NZ2012 - 0133

Waipu Beech

NZ2012 - 0001

Auckland Bridge Climb

NZ2012 - 0002

Auckland Bridge Climb – Fab views

NZ2012 - 0138

A cheeky drink before dinner

NZ2012 - 0152

What are you doing…said Gollum to Suzanne

NZ2012 - 0154

Get this big ugly monster away from me…..said the model to Richard!!

NZ2012 - 0158

Sky Tower at night

NZ2012 - 0160

An expensive yacht….

NZ2012 - 0162

The city from the harbour


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