NZ2012 – 5th Jan – Cape Reigna & 90 Mile Beach

***Reminder – This text was written back in 2012, at the time of the trip. Adding to Blog today!!***

5th Jan……….. Up before 6am to make sure we were ready for the coach pick up at 7am………. Off to Cape Reigna and 90 mile beach today…….

First stop enroute was Kauri forest with huge trees in them, and a boardwalk weaving between. The guide told us the walkway was built specially for the queen for a visit a while back, she arrived, stood at the entrance, said “how nice” and got back in her limmo. She didn’t even walk on it!!……

I (Richard) was feeling sick on the journey so far, it was of no comfort when we got back in the coach and the driver said the road out of the woods was a bit twisty, sick bags are available. Luckily I was ok……. We then stopped at a little rest stop for a drink. Before heading up to Cape Reigna, the northern most point of NZ, 213km, 2hr 45mins from our hotel.

It was worth the drive with stunning scenery……. We left there at 1.45, and headed to the sand dunes, where we all had a go at boogie boarding down them. Good fun…… Then the driver navigated the stream, and bombed along the beach in the coach, at 100km an hour!! We stayed on the beach for about an hour, travelling south before joining the roads again, and taking us back to the hotels……

Quick showers, bottle of champers, then off to a little beachside restaurant called Swiss cafe and Grill, with a great location we chose to sit on one of the outside tables under the gazebo. My meal (Suzanne) was one of the best so far and that was due to the most amazing New Zealand lip green mussels cooked in a coconut mild chilli with lime sauce. These were the best mussels I have ever tried. Followed by lamb cutlets, not quite as good as my starter but very tasty. Poor Rich for the 2nd night in a row had to have bread for a starter! As they only seem to do this or seafood.

I’m trying to persuade my husband that if he tried it he would like it but he’s not having any of it!…….. Then back to our motel to get ready to head of on our journey back to Auckland tomorrow.

Paihia at night

Paihia at night

NZ2012 - 0119

90 Mile Beach

Coaches having a breather from the 90 mile beach "race"

Coaches having a breather from the 90 mile beach “race”

NZ2012 - 0114

Us at Cape Reigna

Us at Cape Reigna

NZ2012 - 0059

Great views from Cape Reigna

NZ2012 - 0055

Stay away from our lunch!!

NZ2012 - 0101

Boogie Boarding!!

NZ2012 - 0107

Boogie Boarding!!


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