New Zealand 2012 – 3rd January – We've Arrived

***Reminder – This text was written back in 2012, at the time of the trip. Adding to Blog today!!***

2nd Jan. 9.30 Malaysian time ———- Just boarded. Economy again. Sucks like a fox, man!!! The wife told me to put the tights on again.

Business class looked empty when we saw it, except for the Botox Lady of the East… 10 hours time we will touch down in NZ, pick up the car, and drive the first mile of our 2,600+ (without the tights!!). 3am Malaysian time ———- halfway through the flight, can’t sleep like I could on the previous one. Suzanne is snoozing away beside me.

Quite bumpy this one. 4.30am Malaysian time ———- Trying to pass the last three and a half hours playing scrabble on the phone. Exciting. Sneaky look under the blinds shows us daylight, we are just passing over Queensland, Oz and are now heading to NZ.  1pm.

New Zealand time ———- We’ve arrived !!!! Touched down bang on schedule. 35 mins in passport control, lots of queues but also lots of desk people. Picked up bags then more queues as they had to scan all our baggage to make sure there were no fruits etc. only thing we had was fruit sweets, they let us get away with that!! Picked up the car, a nice big Vauxhall. Clean and quite new.

Found the hotel thanks to the sat nat we brought with us. $25 for a nights parking, but we are in the city centre.  Checked in, and we were upgraded from a std to a deluxe. Very clean, very smart. Couldn’t have asked for more for the price we paid. Shattered, off to bed, rest of today’s update to follow!!!

A Warm Welcome

A Warm Welcome

NZ2012 - 0009

Our Bed

NZ2012 - 0010

Our Hotel Room


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