New Zealand 2012 – 1st Jan 2012

***Reminder – This text was written back in 2012, at the time of the trip. Adding to Blog today!!***

First of all, this is our first attempt at doing something like this, so if it looks mish mash and funny posts….thats why, and who cares!!! 🙂 so here goes…… At last, 6 weeks and 1 day after our wedding day, the honeymoon has arrived. Leaving gloomy, grey England for the hopeful sun of New Zealand. 3 weeks driving around both Islands, seeing as much as possible!! Woke up at 8am, all we had to do before going to the airport was finish packing, take down Xmas decs, get the house clean and tidy for our return, and a final lunch with our family. Luckily the flight is not until 10pm!! 5pm

Had a great lunch with our family, (see picture) finished packing, now just a quick shower and a freshen up, and off to the airport to check in a couple of bags, bursting at the zips!!! 1 bag bang on weight, one bag just over. We will leave you to work out which bag belonged to which one of us!!! Hope we get a nice person on check in who won’t worry too much about the overweight bag.

NZ GadgetsNever been on a holiday with so many gadgets. Sat nav with New Zealand maps, to get us through the 2,600+ miles we will be doing. Camera, with extra memory cards. Camcorder. iPhone and charger. iPad and charger, which we will be using to continue this Blog. 7.30 Checked in. No upgrade. Bugger!!! You’d have thought for a couple of honeymooners!!! Oh well.. Suzanne bought some new perfume and some sunglasses from duty free… The shoppings started already!!

In the bar now and I’ve (Suzanne) just ordered myself a glass of champagne seeing as I won’t get any in first class! Plate of Nachos, couple of drinks, and off to the plane for check in. Suzanne wants to buy some travel socks??!!, so she will be sitting on the plane, designer sunglasses on her head, granny socks on her feet…I might get some too!! A few pictures here, of gadgets, champagne and the family lunch!! See you again tomorrow Rich and Suzanne xx

NZ2012 - 0005


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