New Zealand 2012 – A retrospective Blog

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For those that may have read the short “About” section on this Blog, you may have noted a even shorter line, saying “I am going to be adding to this site, for future and past holidays”.

This is one of those occasions. In January 2012, after our wedding in 2011, we headed off to the other side of the word, for 18 days or so of travelling around New Zealand. As part of our wedding gift list, we asked our friends and family to contribute to the trip (without which we couldn’t have afforded it!!) so we were extremely grateful to them.

Over the next few days / weeks, I am going to be adding our adventures and pictures here. I hope you enjoy. Please Follow so see more updates, as I still have a few New York Trips to add, not too mention our next big holiday, to West USA in September!!

Enjoy, take care….



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