Train at the Hammersmith Apollo

First of all, a bit of history as to how I ended up buying tickets to see a concert, live at the Hammersmith Apollo.

During the Summer of 2012, the radio played quite often, the song Drive By, by a band called Train. After a bit of research, I think it was released on the 10th January 2012 (according to iTunes) spent 27 weeks in the UK Chart (according to, and peaked at number 6.

I remember thinking at the time, it was a catchy, happy song, and headed off to download on iTunes. 99p for the single, or £5.99 for the whole album, California 37. After previewing the whole album, a couple of songs caught my ear, so went for the whole album, my only regret is that I didn’t buy it until July 2012. What a bargain it turned out to be. I don’t think I have ever gotten as much use out of £5.99 in my life!! At the time of typing, the 12 songs on that album, have been played a total of 3112 times.

This has prompted me to buy a few more of their albums, For Me It’s You, My Private Nation, and Save me, San Francisco. I am certain I will get to the other albums at some point!

So, after belatedly realising they were to be in London on Friday 22nd February 2013, we bought some tickets. It is a credit to them that this is the first concert I have been to in (ahem), many years, so hats off to them for “pulling me out of retirement”


We grabbed the tickets off the shelf where they had been sitting for the better part of 3 months, and headed off to the train station.

The queue outside the Apollo was long, but we didn’t care. We had our tickets in hand and were willing to wait in the cold.

Another queue to put our coats in the cloakroom and through to the main part, where we took our places about halfway back.

Gin Wigmore came on first. A good support, catchy tunes. An enjoyable 30 minutes. Sorry Gin, for just the one line, but this is about Train 😦

Then there was a lull. The stage in relative darkness. The anticipation in the crowd was building.

Movement on stage. Looked like stage hands clearing Gin Wigmore’s bands equipment offstage, and getting it set up for the main event.

Lights down, roar of the crowd, and on came Train to 50 Ways to say Goodbye. Goosebumps. It’s hard to explain the feeling when you have been listening to a group and a song for 8 months, singing along in your car, and wherever else, to all of a sudden hear the same song, performed by the band, live.

You enjoy the song, the live-ness of it all, then you find yourself getting immersed in the tune, forgetting where your are, and ultimately singing the song as passionately (just not as well!) as Pat himself!! I am pleased to say, that one of my favourite songs got some stage time, This’ll Be My Year. I like songs that tell a bit of history. Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire is another one.

Anyway, they continued through their set, playing which are, I must admit, a few songs we were not too familiar with. Nonetheless, very enjoyable. Bruises was included, at which point Gin Wigmore came back on to duet with Pat, and a great job she did. You could feel from the crowd that the interaction between audience and stage was second to none, and this was proved over the course of the next 30 mins or so, when about 25 girls were lucky enough to get on stage, when Pat went into the crowd to sing Marry Me, and when he did a portion of Feels Good at First a cappella, the hundreds of people in the crowd fell silent, for just a few seconds!! There is more, but I didn’t record it. I was too busy enjoying it!

During the intro to Mermaids, Pat beckoned to a few of the “Mermaids” closest to the stage, to get them up, and join him, which of course they did.

Train in Concert-1013


While singing the song, he went along the line, getting them to join in, taking pictures with them, and generally making their night.

One girl got up on stage with a big sign she’d made quoting lyrics from Drops of Jupiter. Pat took this to one side and signed it. A true keepsake for the lucky owner!!!

All in all, a great night. Will be going back when they tour again, and hopefully, get a bit closer to the stage for better pictures!!







50 Ways to Say Goodbye
If It’s Love
I Got You
Meet Virginia
Calling All Angels
Feels Good at First
Save Me San Francisco
Marry Me
Everyday People (Sly & The Family Stone cover)
Scott Underwood Drum Solo
Hey Soul Sister
We Are Young (Fun cover)
Drive By

California 37
This’ll Be My Year
Medley – Idaho / You Can Finally Meet My Mom / This Ain’t Goodbye / Getaway
Drops of Jupiter


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