Trip to Dorset – Day 3

Our last day in Dorset. Only a short trip, but a relaxing one. We popped into Swanage. Suzanne used to visit here all the time when her Gran was alive and living here. She has fond memories of travelling down, even occasionally with their family cat!!

As we always do, we head straight for the CoOp to park, and have a wander around town. This time we decide to take a walk up the road where Suzanne's gran lived. We got a picture from outside her house. Imagine what the view must've been like from.the third floor of the house!!

Headed back down to the village, popped into the little knick knack shop called Curiosity, bought a candle holder. After this we headed to the beach for a walk along the seafront. Cold, windy but pleasant.

It was then back to the car to head off to the cemetery to visit Gran. Very peaceful up in the hills, and left a plant which purchased earlier in CoOp.

Headed back to Corfe for lunch. Homemade crackling with Spicy apple sauce was one of the things we had in The Greyhound pub. Mmmmmmm.

It was now time to,start the trek home, via Studland and our usual trip across the ferry into Poole. Had to be home by 4, so we had to take the fast roads.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you on our next Trip. Things on the wish list include Route 66, Eastern USA, Australia and Canada. (Note to self: Must do lottery!!)

View from Gran's house

Outside her front door

Swanage beach

Oh, ok then

Balancing the camera!!

The mini pier

Last beach photo

What's left of the castle

Suzanne after lunch

A photo from the Studland-Poole Ferry

Sat Nav of us about to go in the sea!!



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