Trip to Dorset -Day 1

We are off to Dorset to visit Suzanne's dad. We have decided to not take the boring motorway route, but avoid them altogether. Programmed the Sat Nav, Avoid Motorways, but it did say we would hit 4.5 miles of mway. Not bad in a 120 mile trip.

The route it took us was from Uxbridge, to Farnham, then onto a village near the new forest, running almost parallel with the M3, which we did cross over at some point. A quick picture below showing none of the options ticked, meaning we wouldn't go on motorways.

Our first destination was a little village called Fordingbridge. Where we had lunch in a little pub called The Ship Inn. The pub itself was a little odd, it had just a few people sitting quietly at tables. Strange for 1pm on a Monday afternoon!!

The village was a little bit like a ghost town, hardly anyone around, maybe due to the bitterly cold wind!!!

We then headed on towards Wareham, stopping first a a pub called The Angel, where we had a quick coffee, in a nice cosy corner by a fire.

We then headed into Wareham, where we got to Suzanne's Dad's, had a cup of tea before heading out for a quick drink into the local pub.

A nice tea, and then to bed to get ready for our next day of Dorset.

Steering clear of Motorways

The Ship Inn, Fordingbridge

Fordingbridge Artist' work

The Angel. Our coffee stop!

Welcome to the Angel

Coffee by the fire



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      • It’s all part of our MasterPlan. It means lots of people avoid us as they head on to Cornwall. We don’t have a motorway but there is method in our madness! Enjoy you time spent in Dorset but, please, keep it to yourselves 😉 all the best.

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