Dublin Day 4 – 19th February

The day started with us feeling particularly sprightly, bearing in mind we went to bed in the early hours after drinking beer, cocktails and shots, and we were awake at 8.30.

We had to check out by midday, but we wanted to be out by 11 as we wanted to do the Jameson Distillery, the Guinness Factory and have lunch before 4.45 when we wanted to be in a taxi heading for the airport.

A 30 minute walk saw us at the Jameson Distillery by about 11.50, only to find out the next available tour was at 12.45. There was no just pay and enter to walk around, and as we were tight on time, we decided we would have to give it a miss and headed off to the Guinness factory. Shame. Next time.

A 20 minute walk saw us arrive at the Guinness factory, where we purchased tickets from the machine, and set off on the self guided tour, where we learned all about the history of the drink, it's founders, and the fact they secured a 9000 year lease on the property the factory stands in for £45 a year. Not a bad deal. We learned how the drink is made, saw a bit about the previous advertising, and lots of other useful info.

We were allowed as part of our entry, to either pour a pint, or go up to the top floor, the Gravity bar, where we could have a complimentary pint to drink while enjoying the views over Dublin. We chose the latter, and sat down for 30 mins where I enjoyed my first pint of Guinness!!!

We then headed back down the stairs, jumped in a cab and went back to the main city centre, back to Pacino's, for a late lunch before catching our cab to the airport.

We had to guess which Terminal we were flying from, picked T2, and of course we were flying from T1..

Quick check in where we found we couldn't sit together, then through security, where I was pulled to one side to ask if there was any liquids in my camera bag “of course not” I replied, as the security man then promptly pulled out a can of unopened Red Bull. Oops. Red Face!!

We boarded, and after a bit of musical chairs where we managed to end up sitting together, we took off, and it is from the plan I type this blog.

A great trip, with good friends, and a good time, over at too soon.

Thanks for reading….

Jameson Whiskey Distillery

Suzanne enjoying her Guinness

Before, during and after

Trying to steal a cocktail!!

Pacino's where we enjoyed 2 lunches (on different days)



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