Dublin Day 3 – 18th February evening

After a busy walking day and evening pictures by the river, it was 8.30 before we were ready to hit the town.

We met in the bar and decided to head straight out as it was so late.

Headed off to the busy part of town, looking for somewhere light to eat as we where still full up from our seaside lunch.

Had to stop at a grocery store for something, and while one of us were inside, and young Irish “youth” came up to us asking for change. We declined, saying all we had were cards. His response ” You're English? You're the source of the problem!” and he scurried off.

Had a couple of drinks in a cocktail bar called The Morgan, and our friend Lee decided it would be a good idea to start the night off with some shots!! 2 shots each, a couple of beers or cocktails, and the best part of €100 later, we left looking for somewhere to eat.

By this time it did become apparent that perhaps we had left it a little late to eat somewhere nice. We found a pub, and despite one of their patrons ringing a place called Trocadero, we walked round there, to find them shut, with the kitchen closed an hour ago.

MacDonalds it was then, and the pub kindly let us eat out food there, will enjoying a couple of drinks. A nice friendly Irish pub!!

All photos taken on iPhone, hence the quality!!!

A quick watch of the football before we went out

Where we enjoyed Cocktails and Shots! Not my picture, borrowed from Google images! W




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