Dublin Day 2 – 17th February 2012

Up quite early after a relatively late night, out the door by 9.15 ish. That's early for us, particularly on holiday!! Took a quick snap of the front of the hotel, before heading off into the city for a quick walk around the town.

Today was quite a bit cooler than yesterday, and it wasn't long until I realised I was not wrapped up quite as warm as I should have been!

We headed off towards the river, to visit a part of the town Suzanne remembers from her visit hear with her mother at least 10 years ago.

We set of up Connelly Street, where we came across what we think is called simply The Spire. A huge, tall needle like object, made of metal and stretching into the sky. Standing at the bottom and lookingup gave you a funny dizzy sensation!

Back south if the river, in to The Temple Bar region, for a breakfast, and some pictures around the area.

Lovely colours, textures and reflections. We met up with our friends, before catching our hop on / hop off bus. Turned out we just hopped on once, at the start, and hopped off once, at the end!! We braved the open top part of the bus for 30 mins, before heading under cover on the to deck for the rest.

We had lunch at at a little place called Pacino's, just a Ciabatta and fries and a sop for Suzanne.

We then went to the National Ary Gallery for an intellectual browse around the paintings.

Headed back to the hotel for a chill out for an hour before the shenanigans of the evening starts.

Trinity Captial, Dublin

Dublin Police Station

Suzanne by the River Liffey

...and me



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