Dublin Day 1

Here we are in Dublin. Early start, up at 5.15 am for a 6.15 taxi and a 7.55am flight.

Showered dressed, no time for breakfast or even a cup of tea. Got to the airport, queues to check in, still not time for breakfast and a cup of tea!!

Got through check in, then onto security. Still no time for breakfast or a cup of tea!!

Eventually got to within 5 mins of the gate, and we had to get a cup of tea!!

I think we ended up being the last ones on board, and after a panic when I “lost” my camera, sending the stewardess back to the lounge. It turns out it was sitting on the seat in front of me!!

We took off, and was eventually given a egg croissant, here is a contented Suzanne

After taking off 20 mins late, I think we landed only about 5 minutes late, and we spent 15 mins waiting for our baggage

A 30euro cab trip took us to the hotel, where we could drop our bags off, and then go to explore the city. We wandered around, seeing the streets, little cafes, shops and markets.

We ended up having a couple of drinks in a pub, then TGI Fridays where the girls and Lee enjoyed a cocktail

We left, wandered around St Stephens Green, before heading back to the hotel for a recharge, before dinner




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